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The Grill

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About Us

Every BBQ is a piece of art

After a few years sharing with family and friends on the grill, I realized that fire unites people and that each recipe is unique, why not register each one as a work of art? That’s why we created The Grill App so you can share your great works of art !!


Omar Alvarez


Pick a recipe make your own

If you like a recipe give some Coal to it, for every 100 coals the PitMaster gets to burn them to get a Steak Token, as many PitMasters we have more value our token will have.

Give Liquidity

Visit and get some Steaks. 


What can you do with The Grill App?

Become a PitMaster – Get Free Coals

When you register to the app you will get 75 coals, every time you post a recipe you will get 10 coals.

Share – Your Coals

Every time you like a Recipe you will give a Coal to the PitMaster once he get to a 100 coals he can burn it to get a Steak Token.

Create a Campaign – Invite a Meal

Companies will have a way to create a marketing campaing and pay with Steaks this gill give value to our Token.

Search for Free Recipes

Creators will be posting recipes, you can get more coals by creating your own.

Give Value to  – Your Steaks

Steak is the Crypto Token for The Grill App on the Expanse Network and Eggs.Cool Project

Share a Recipe – Get more Coals

Every time you share a Recipe you will have to burn your Coals. You’ll need 100 coals to post a recipe. This will be used for new users so we dont have to mint more Coals.

Get The Grill

Download our App

Our App will be ready soon on iOS and Android

The Expanse Blockchain

Get to know EggSwap 

Steak Token Contract


18 Decimals – 10M tokens

EggSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Expanse blockchain.

This is a project run by the community and with the support of the Expanse Team. There are a few core products for SushiSwap’s ecosystem:

We are creating a new token economy for Grill Lovers

– Omar Alvarez –

Finally a token to support our passion for the Grill, this is a Great Thing!!

– Alfredo Monsanto –

Great free recipes that I can do at home!!

– Mary Thomas –


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